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An amazing adventure touring the world's largest canyon system - the magnificent Copper Canyon in northern Mexico's Sierra Madre mountains. Touring the sites of the native Tarahumara, you will be able to appreciate the overwhelming beauty and grandeur of the winding rivers and towering peaks of the two deepest sections in the immense Copper Canyon network. Your journey begins with a dazzling train ride on the famous Pacifico railroad where you pass between the sparkling Sea of Cortez and the arid canyons of the Sierra Tarahumara. You will tour through quiet dwarf oak and subtropical thorn forests to alpine summits offering breathtaking views of the canyons beneath, wild camp near indigenous communities perched on the edge of the canyon walls far from any road access, overnight in remote ranches and historic haciendas and visit the colourful frontier settlements of Margarita's two world famous hotels beginning in Creel, Margarita's La Hacienda Rio Batopilas and Margarita's Wilderness Lodge at Cerocahui. And who could resist these trips which begin in the delightfully named town of Creel Chihuahua? Relax at Margarita's during sunset in the mountains of Mexico!

All hotels are owned and operated by Margarita Quintero, the first hotelier in Creel to the Copper Canyon. Margarita began over 25 years ago with the first hostel in Copper Canyon, making hand made tortillas and welcoming lone wanderers from their travels throughout the wild canyons.

What we refer to as "Copper Canyon" is really a series of canyons which drain the western side of the Sierra Tarahumara. The entire Copper Canyon region comprises almost a third of the state of Chihuahua, which is Mexico's largest state. The principal canyon is Urique Canyon, which is the one which is traversed by the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad. Eventually, all of the rivers which formed the Copper Canyons merge into the Rio Fuerte which continues across the adjacent state of Sinaloa, emerging near the City of Los Mochis on the Sea of Cortez.



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