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Walking Tours

There are so many sites to see so close to Creel that we offer our guests Walking Tours.

These tours are available to all the nearby wonders, like the San Ignacio Mission, Valley of the Mushrooms, etc. An experienced Tarahumara boy will accompany you to these places. These walking tours are special in that you are able to walk through beautiful forests and interesting places.

Horse Rentals

Horseback ride across the natural landscapes of the Sierra Madre.

For an unforgettable experience, nothing beats visiting the area's points of interest on horseback. Of course, a guide will be provided for you and insure you with a safe and memorable ride. The horses are brought to us saddled and ready to go. This will truly be an experience that you will really enjoy.

Bicycle Rentals

Explore this complex land of beauty and moving history by bicycle.

If getting in a little exercise is what you're looking for, then biking around the area is for you. The bicycles we rent are mountain bikes that are in very good condition. Biking around the area offers you more choices than those of Walking Tours or Horseback. When you rent a bike we will give you a small map with all the roads to the different points of interest.


For the more adeventuresome we offer camping tours to many different areas around the Sierra.

We would transport you to the area of your choice and provide you with all the neccesary camping equipment. There will be a guide permanently with you to show you around and to help with the cooking of breakfast and supper. There are so many places in the Sierra that can only be admired to their fullest during a camping trip. We truly know that you will enjoy an experience such as this.

Laundry Service

One of the biggest headaches for travelers to small towns is finding a place to get their laundry done.

For this reason we offer this service right in the hotel, there will be no need to carry a bag of dirty laundry all over town. Our Laundry Service is exclusive for our guests at all Casa Margarita's Hotels. On your arrival if you need this service, ask our personnel about having your laundry done.



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