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Casa de Margarita

Casa Margarita's, located in downtown Creel, Chihuahua in the Northwestern state of Chihuahua in Mexico is your choice for quality hotels without having to pay "quality" prices. Casa Margarita is world known as the "Backpackers Haven", and was the first hotel to offer breakfast and dinner included with each room or dormatory rental.

Breakfast & Dinner Included

Considering the already low price for room rentals, the addition of these two meals allows travelers to make better use of their expense account during their travels. The rooms at Casa Margarita's have all the commodities of a First Class hotel, but there are no frills or expensive decorations. Hand hewn stone decorates most of the Hotel.

Margarita's Plaza Mexicana

Hotel Plaza Mexicana is built around a Mexican Plaza courtyard and so its name. With 28 rooms on two levels, your price includes a modest but tasty dinner and filling breakfast. Margarita has long welcomed guests to the Copper Canyons and is noted in most travel guide books world wide.

Breakfast & Dinner Included

The guests regularly comment on the wonderful cooking. The rooms are adorn with marvelous mural works depicting local scenes. We offer tours, horse and bicycle rentals, camping and many other services which will allow you to organize your visit to the Sierra, all in one place.

La Hacienda Rio Batopilas

The Jewel of Margarita's Hotels that was made from one of the mine ruins and was originally built in the 1870's by a spanish colonial miner. It is located just 2 kilometers from the town of Batopilas. The building is an authentic colonial hacienda that overlooks the Batopilas River. All terraces and patios have a wonderful view of the river.

Breakfast & Dinner Included

The climate is tropical, and you'll see banana, papaya and mango trees growing at the Hacienda. The Hotel is full of antique items from the 1800's. After a day touring, what could be more relaxing than a bath in a beautifully decorated bathtub. The dining room is a return to old colonial days, with all the luxuries of modern living.

Cerocahui Wilderness Lodge

Perched on the edge of a canyon with fabulous views, Margarita's Cerocahui Wilderness Lodge sits on the rim of the Canyon. The view is simply breathtaking! The dining room lookout point offers a full 180 degree view of the San Isidro Canyon and also the rooms over look the Canyon, the perfect place to rest and watch the sunset.

Breakfast & Dinner Included

Every room has a fireplace and a gas heater, it is totally up to you which type of heat you prefer during winter nights. The bathroom area is large and spacious, there are no cramped bathrooms here. Remote and rustic yet with extraordinary attention to detail, Margarita's Cerocahui Wilderness Lodge is a highlight.



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